Price and Reagan: ENGAGED!!

New rule: I only take engagement photos if you promise to get engaged WHILE we're taking the photos.  STRICT POLICY.

Just kidding. That'd be a fun but also weird policy and probably tricky to enforce...I digress.  Engagement photos are so much fun, even if you've been engaged for months and months--settled-in love has its own vitality, you know?  So actually my strict policy is that I'll only take your engagement photos if you're nice to me and nice to each other and stay in love forever and ever.  That's the real deal.


PRICE AND REAGAN GOT ENGAGED RIGHT UNDER MY NOSE AND THIS IS NOT ABOUT ME BUT I WAS SO NERVOUS.  They were so stinking cute and funny and then BOOM, Price with the trick play, and I think he caught Reagan completely unsuspecting.  Cutest ever.