Andrew and Joni: Engagement

I *cannot explain* the joy of working with people who are genuinely surprised by how beautiful their lives have turned out.  Osmosis of happiness is REAL and after hanging out with these two, I was on a bit of a high for several hours.

Andrew (or Josey, as we call him) and Joni are each great friends of ours from camp (if you've hung out with our family for more than a couple hours you definitely know about Camp RYLA), and any positive descriptors you can think of can be used to describe them: salt of the earth, optimistic, joy-filled, and most of all, incredible friends--to all of us, as well as to each other.  They have been great friends for years, and then in the past year or so realized that they just might be so lucky as to spend their lives together.

Imagine the size and energy of a NASCAR cheering section and that's about how the rest of us camp buddies (and I'm sure their families and other friends!) reacted when we heard that they'd be getting married.  This is the real deal.