Erin: Senior

Erin's family killed two birds with one stone, and took a few minutes out of her senior session to also get their family portrait made.  I've had a few families do this recently, and I think it's genius!!  I love working and I want to work as often as I can, but also I love a deal and am definitely on board to help folks make the most of their buck.

As you can see, Erin and her big sister Maddie have a super sweet relationship, and some of my favorite photos from this session are of the two of them together--which is really saying a lot, because I have more than a few favorites from our time together!  Side note: would you believe me if I told you that both of these girls are as sweet as they are stunning?  Hard to believe, but true.

2018 is the year of film transition for Cast Iron Photography, so all of these photos were shot on Kodak Portra 400, which is a lovely film stock and really performed well on this beautiful overcast afternoon.

If you're like HEY Kodak Portra would love my face too! then just drop me a line, and we can get your session all set up!  Like I said before, I LOVE TO WORK and I'm always scheduling.