Charlotte: 4 years old

Somehow I was able to build "four year old pictures" up to be a totally fun privlege--which does NOT mean she was still and cooperative, but it DOES mean that she stayed in a good mood while I chased her around the backyard to get these shots!

Tenacious, gregarious, a little ornery, and a WHOLE lot of spunky.

Putting this blog post together, I started digging back to find her "birthday pictures" from previous years, and I'm so glad I did.  Most importantly, this girl has GROWN!!  But as a secondary point, I think my skillz have improved too.  I mean, I sure hope so, haha!  Hopefully I'll be saying that four years from now as well.  Fun fact: the three- and two-year-old pics are digital, and the one-year-old photos are on film.

Rebecca EggerComment